Head Writer

“I graduated from TCU (Go Frogs) with a degree in psychology (haven’t used that much) & a degree in writing. While I earned my writing degree, I took a script writing class that gave me the biggest “Aha!” moment: Yes, writing poetry & theses is great, but what I love most is the idea of actually seeing a story play out in front of me. I can put words into characters’ mouths. I can control their emotions and reactions. I can make them as bizarre as I see reality. Being part of a group of such creative & talented filmmakers has allowed me to progress in my writing more than I ever could’ve imagined.”


Head Producer

“I graduated from University of West Georgia last year with a degree in Mass Communications with a specialization in Film & Video Production. Whether it’s developing characters in the writer’s room or getting all the right people in the same room to make art together, I love every second of it. Producing especially comes naturally to me—it’s like putting together the pieces of a puzzle to create something that all of us can be proud of. Since I realized my place in the industry as a producer, I have never looked back and can’t wait to show the world what I’m capable of.”



Head Director

“As a wobbly toddler, I wanted to be a graceful ballerina. As a nervous, introverted middle-schooler, I wanted to go into forensics and help solve crime. As a gawky teenager, I wanted to be the most famous, A-list of actress the world had ever seen. Now, as a fully assembled adult (blueprint sold separately), I want to succeed in every facet of filmmaking I can. Because why stop at one dream job when I can have them all? As a telecommunications graduate from the University of Florida (Go Gators!), I quickly realized that I am not a 9-5 office job type of gal, but more of a “Lights, Camera, Action!” boss. So, I packed up my suitcase and my beloved pup and moved to Atlanta to pursue my dreams of being a filmmaker. I love the excitement, the energy, the chaos on set, and creating beautiful pieces of art through a lens. I see the world as visuals with beautiful shots, beginnings and middles and ends, storylines, plot twists, and an ending that will leave you begging for more.”


Head Editor

"I graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in Computer Science and Film. I was only going to pursue a degree in Computer Science, but half-way through my second year of college, I felt like I was missing something. That something was my love of film. So, I decided to double major with a focus on editing and special effects as it merged my two degrees together. I have never regretted it for a moment. Even when I had to take 21 credits for 3 semesters to catch up or pulling all-nighters almost everyday (shoutout to my hourly cup of coffee during that time), there was never a day that I regretted it. Editing is a form of creativity and power. We have so much control over a scene that we can make a scene have two different meanings, depending on how the scene is cut. I enjoy editing and will never look back and regret the steps I’ve taken to reach my goal so far.”